I managed another 5 minutes tonight.

A few more moulds

The Greenstuff oil cans worked reasonably well.

I was going to add them onto a base this evening, but to be honest I really couldn’t be arsed…I will hopefully get something done sometime soon.

Oh and while I remember, it isn’t always sunny on Shetland 😉

Tonight’s five minutes were brought to you by…

The more astute of you will realise that 5 minutes would just about get to the opening credits.

I painted two oil drums too….

4 thoughts on “Further 5 Minute Makes

  1. Very nice! Have you tried using a milliput/green stuff blend? I find it gives a really nice material. Green stuff alone is slightly rubbery, with the milliput there is less give and works pretty nice for minis.

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      1. Oh yea, definitely give it a try. I think Milliput is a bit cheaper too, so it will extend the life of your Green Stuff. I find it much easier to work with the mix than Green Stuff just by itself. Usually I just opt for about a 50/50 mix. Mix up the green stuff, then the milliput and then start to work the two together.

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