All in a night’s hobby time of an evening

First up the oil drums. These came from Elheim.

I was going for a rusted look, I think I managed it. These were undercoated gun metal then dragon red from Army Painter was added with a sponge. This was stippled over with Model Colour red leather. To be honest I am really pleased with how they came out especially as it is the first time I have done anything with a sponge.

Next up is my Ghoul Officer, his greatcoat is made from the flayed skins of the poor unfortunate’s that came across the path of his unit..The Kryptovski Death Guard, mortal troops in the service of the Dark Tzar.

Just visible beneath his coat is the dark green tunic with red collar. The black colpack and red plume will give him a bit of extra height. I haven’t decided on the colour of the fur, probably black or dark grey. I have a unit of ten of his minions to bring further terror to the nations of Urop.

And Finally frogs… the kids and I had a couple of games of Croa. A frog hopping game where there can only be one froggy queen in the pond. Ooooh it got brutal!

Frogs killing frogs, frogs being eaten by pike… good fun had all around.

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