Ooh I like a bit of Aliteration before bed…

Well after 90 day’s straight with a post every day, tonight I get caught up with things and don’t manage to get one up in time. Poop, poot and buggeration!

Anyway having a mooch about I came across some forgotten figures that haven’t seen the light of day for a couple of years at least.

So this Friday’s forgotten forces are my Colonial Marines and their little friend, or rather big friend.

The miniatures are by Prodos and sad to say I bought the game second hand before some people even got their kickstarter pledge. The only extras I have purchased was a set of face huggers. One day I may purchase some other bits and bobs. We use these for Role playing rather than the original game. I only ever painted one Predator, although three came in the game. All of the Aliens are painted too. For civilians I use pre painted Star Wars or Star Trek minis. I also printed out and built an APC out of card to go with these.

This may become a regular post as I have so many minis that never see the light of day and it will be good to get them out again.

The photos were taken a good while ago, I will have to take some more with the aliens in too.

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