I had about 5 minutes to do something tonight as we went to the delayed Firework show and then played One Night Werewolf for about an hour (used different characters this time). I went for more Greenstuff in reusable moulds.

These oil drums are going to be for some scatter terrain, so trying just part ones.

As I enjoyed the fireworks, I thought I would share…. after 3…… oooooooh


To be fair my wife took these shots using her phone…

The fire went pretty much horizontal…

Having an early night tonight as most of this morning was heaving a cast iron stove around for my mother in law, a great lady, but a cast iron fire, is a cast iron fire. .. oh and don’t you just love it when they don’t bother putting construction diagrams into the box….

3 thoughts on “Dark Future.. 5 minute makes

      1. Ah okay, I thought it was just me! It looked so easy in the video I saw. But almost everything ends up offset and it’s really hard to get the proper thickness.


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