First layer of the lighter colour on…

The steps are being left the darker colour as numerous people tromping up and down them would very quickly knock any colour off.

The smaller ones still need the step sides painted as well as another coat or two to make them less patchy.

I fully intended to get more done tonight, but firstly everything aches apart from maybe my ears, as today was office move day, it was meant to be Monday, but others decided that today was better!

Started at 09.00 and got to this level at 16.30. A fridge is a total swine to get up stairs as well as downstairs even with a trolley. What make it worse is that our fridge came upstairs and theirs went downstairs, we suggested we leave them where they were, but sadly the owners wanted their own Fridge!

The reason for the move…. well our two Social Work departments needed to work closer together, so they moved offices to be closer together, sadly not from another part of Shetland or even a different part of town… err no they moved offices in the same building. One floor down and about 20 metres closer, to be fair some of them did move about 40 metres so therefore they are about 10 metres closer. I despair sometimes I really do!

Apologies for the rant!

Second reason was that the kids went to the local Halloween party and finally I was so achey I had a hot bath to try and sort some of the muscles out.

Hopefully I will get the cracked on with tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “Tenochtitlan in Technicolor II

  1. Sounds like we’ve all been through the same sort of office move at one time or other! Even getting a little bit of painting done helps feel like progress is being made though – sometimes I’ll just clean a few figures up or undercoat a couple!


  2. I feel your pain mate. Nothing quite as bad as yours, but I’ve had to supply three printers this year to people who don’t want to walk 25m max to get there and then the same again back. At least they were easy to placate and happier staff for an easy fix is always better. Seems like in a organisation large enough to have two social work departments, it shouldn’t be the office staff moving fridges up and down stairs, though. OH&S for one…

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    1. Cheers Azazel It’s a council…but we were told we couldn’t get the DLO as it cost too much, the DLO is Another council department! One department is straight child social work, the other is shirt breaks, adoption and that kind of thing.

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      1. Sounds dodgy as hell to me, not to mention in violation of OH&S and probably sexual discrimination (yes, really) if it were effectively only blokes expected to move refrigerators up and down stairs.


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