Temple Complex Completed

All done…

Well when I say all done, I did contemplate square plinths in the corner to put skulls on. Part of me wants to add plants on the outer wall to add a bit of brighter colour. But this would cause problems with bits getting knocked off.

I can fit two of the smaller pyramids into the same space provided that they sit diagonally front to back.

I decided to see how the pyramid worked with 10mm too. I am happy with the results.

I felt my Amazon’s were a good army for a funky pyramid, well that and they were the only ones I had to hand. 🙄

I gave the whole thing a smack with a ball of silver foil to give it a bit of texture. Not that you can really see it in these photos

For this build the paint was mixed 50/50 with PVA. This helps the craft paint adhere to the polystyrene. I also made up my own Sepia wash with water out of the condenser dryer, some sepia ink and a drop of detergent (I was too lazy to go back out to the shed for the proper stuff).

Guess who shook it vigorously to mix everything together? Three hours later there are still bubbles! Once this was dry a gave it a quick dry brush to lighten it back up again.

I decided against doing it the same colour as the Pyramid as it would look better with a bit of a colour change.

The Dry brush colour is the same as the temple.

Finally, I was going to add a terracotta tile pattern in the plaza, but decided against it as it would be a lot of work for very little gain.

Tomorrow I will probably flock up the troops and then who knows….

Azazel’s monthly challenge is something mechanical…. off the top if my head I have…

6mm Post Apocalyptic vehicles

15mm Flames of War tanks

20mm Dark Future Vehicles.

I may have a blast at some of them (but really should finish the Mongols) 🤔

Tenochtitlan in Further Technicolor

I managed a bit more on the temples this evening…

The smaller ones had a terracotta colour added to the top.

I was going to add blood flowing down one set of stairs on the tall one but I have shelved that plan as I don’t want to spoil it.

I also did a few more leaves to go on the Lurker bases.

This is how I did the creeper. The leaves in this instance came from a small ball squashed between finger and thumb.

The one on the right is designed to go on the snake’s base.

Tonight’s work was brought to you by…

Whilst deleting photos I came across this chap.

By time I got the IPad out he had stopped cawing, it was a great photo opportunity, which I missed because I had just fastened it into my bag!

Tenochtitlan in Technicolor II

First layer of the lighter colour on…

The steps are being left the darker colour as numerous people tromping up and down them would very quickly knock any colour off.

The smaller ones still need the step sides painted as well as another coat or two to make them less patchy.

I fully intended to get more done tonight, but firstly everything aches apart from maybe my ears, as today was office move day, it was meant to be Monday, but others decided that today was better!

Started at 09.00 and got to this level at 16.30. A fridge is a total swine to get up stairs as well as downstairs even with a trolley. What make it worse is that our fridge came upstairs and theirs went downstairs, we suggested we leave them where they were, but sadly the owners wanted their own Fridge!

The reason for the move…. well our two Social Work departments needed to work closer together, so they moved offices to be closer together, sadly not from another part of Shetland or even a different part of town… err no they moved offices in the same building. One floor down and about 20 metres closer, to be fair some of them did move about 40 metres so therefore they are about 10 metres closer. I despair sometimes I really do!

Apologies for the rant!

Second reason was that the kids went to the local Halloween party and finally I was so achey I had a hot bath to try and sort some of the muscles out.

Hopefully I will get the cracked on with tomorrow.

Building Tenochtitlan

Well okay maybe not all of it 😉

Here is my big temple. Standing about 8cm tall. The sides are 9cm on each side.

Here it is defended by some Aztec warriors.

A nice size to go with the 15mm figures.

I also built three smaller pyramids (or simple Lizardmen dwellings as they are named on the website). These come in threes, the main one as an individual.

These are about 4cm high and 6cm on the side.

Each of the smaller one has an opening on one face. As seen by the one on the left. They work very well as minor temples too.

They are all made up of concentric squares in two layers with internal supports.

The step sides are then added, these help strengthen the whole thing. I used super glue, but could have used PVA instead. The upside of the super glue is that they were ready to get onto the table in a few minutes.

The thing I really like about these is that due to their construction you don’t get any tab holes showing anywhere. Because of the double layers, the stairs look the right scale.

Now these models don’t have any instructions, but to be honest it took about thirty seconds to work out how they went together.

These came from Dragonfrog games, found here

They both were £6.00 each so in my mind really good value for money. I didn’t have to pay postage as Martin runs his business from Shetland which is rather handy 😁

I suppose I have to now think about what to do colour wise. Part of me wants to leave them as they are and another part wants to make them brighter. Most pictures I have seen of Aztec temples when in use are stuccoed so therefore a creamy white.

In Hordes of the Things the Strongholds (temple) sit on a base 600 paces (15cm) square, with the actual stronghold being 200 paces (5cm) square. So either the big one

It suddenly dawned on me that my Alternative Armies Skull piles fit well on these…

Tomorrow I will work in some form of plaza for the temple to sit on.

The other thing I did tonight was squidge some Greenstuff into lianas and leaves.

The unpainted leaves are to go onto the Triffid base when it is cured. Once dried I will get them painted up.


I had a break from painting uniforms…

I built this for a friend of mine. It was pretty much already painted and 90% built. I only really had to make a sail and raise the mast. As it was missing the steer board I scratch built one out of offcuts of MDF.

The kit comes with some MDF shields and oars as well.

I want the mast to be removable and was struggling to vote up with a concept to release the ropes. It suddenly dawned on me to use a nautical device. So I nipped back into the bin and pulled out some more scrap and made some belaying pins.

The mast was made out of three sheets of kitchen roll trimmed to size and toughened with PVA. The rigging etc is made from my linen thread from my leatherwork box.

All in all I am happy with the build. The manufacturer is Dark Ops really not a bad model for £14. The only thing I added was the sail and the rigging.

I didn’t get much done painting wise apart from base coating some more objective markers and a rather large wild boar.

I also went off gallivanting to a beach nearby as it was such a lovely day.

MDF Drakkar

I had a bash at this last night. It was easy enough to work out as I couldn’t get the instruction video on YouTube to run.

I really couldn’t get the dragon’s head and associated planking to fit at all so only the head went on.

It looks okay though. A really nice kit and really cheap at £14.99 in the background can be seen a set of shields and oars. The mast is supported by thread which travel to 4 little fixing points built into the top section of hull.

All in all I am extremely impressed by this model. I got it here: https://www.darkops.co.uk/

Hopefully I will get it finished tonight.