Never managed to paint anything tonight due to parental taxi duty.

Anyway I popped around to my mate’s house for a cuppa and a chat. He managed to get Terminator Genesis game for a tenner instead of £70. He gave me his spare set of rules. This got us chatting about how they work. By all accounts playing the humans in the basic game is a bit of an uphill struggle. Which, as you might imagine, is a bit like it would be in a world overrun by killer robots.

This got me thinking about rules either war gaming or role play games. Some work really well. Take my favourite RPG… The One Ring, in my mind this is exactly how I see Tolkien’s world. However earlier versions of a middle Earth style game were basically Dungeons and Dragons with hobbits.

Wargames are a bit tricky… if it is generic then it doesn’t match anything really and if specific then useful for only one period.

simplicity is tricky too…. I am certainly not into hundreds of pages of charts and tables and rules that you need a degree to understand. But to be honest if they are too simple then they can lead to over interpretation by the players.

I remember changing from WRG 7th edition to DBM that was like a breath of fresh air…you got to remove figures off the table.

These are some of my very first miniatures repainted. I had to rebase them onto mdf as the original card bases had deteriorated.

I bought these originally for 7th edition.They then converted to DBM then eventually to the DBA. The werewolves are Blue Moon and were added to the original minis to make a fantasyesque force for a competition. Early Germans and werewolves kind of went together.

This was the full force.

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