As they say in New France.

Those English upstarts are in for a bit of a shock when these appear…. or maybe not as my opponent may read this!

These were finished a lot quicker than expected. Out of interest whenever I say finished I mean painted. I am going to sort the bases out when everything is painted. That way they will all look the same. Too many times I have finished a unit and then, when put next to the one before I realised that the flock was a different shade (being a total pillock I would base them based upon memory rather than heading out to the shed to check).

I also managed to get some more done on the HQ.

These are in the tunic rather than the soldiers coat. So mainly blue with white gaiters and a black hat. I am not looking forward to painting the colours. The problem is they are folded! I already have two colours, regimental and kings colour so these are pretty much going to be spare.

If I look at it another way…it shall be a mini challenge!

After this lot…the woodland tribes pack… lucky me…lots of War paint!

Oh and I succumbed…

I ended up getting three….I will never, ever have to buy gold paint again….

My little boy loves painting every so often so a nice cheap way to let him.

I must get some more heads and arms to make them a bit different.

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