I found some more pictures on Photobucket. If they hadn’t stopped allowing people to post onto forums then this blog probably never would have happened. All of my photos went there to allow me to share them to my gaming club.

Here we have my Perry 28mm forces for Lion Rampant. A mix of Wars of the Roses cavalry and Agincourt infantry. I can’t wait until they bring out the plastic cavalry for the hundred years wars.

There are a couple of shield armed commoners. I reckon they found them in a barn and thought ‘why not!’

I also bought the French infantry box to add crossbows, spears and more foot knights. You can see the crossbows at the back.

This is pretty much where the rest of them got too!

Next up is an addition of biddowers… huntsmen. They have been repurposed from another game system and company. They also are part of my Dragon Rampant force too.

Yesterday I showed a picture of my 15mm Early Germans. This was the force for Hordes of the Things complete with druids and a sacred grotto.

Finally today an Alternative Armies 15 undead force.

These have a mounted unit and general in a chariot. These were great little figures to paint.

The whole force is here in their undercoated state… showing the various command stands and cavalry.

I will look out some more for another day.

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