French Artillery Sons Finis

As they say in New France.

Those English upstarts are in for a bit of a shock when these appear…. or maybe not as my opponent may read this!

These were finished a lot quicker than expected. Out of interest whenever I say finished I mean painted. I am going to sort the bases out when everything is painted. That way they will all look the same. Too many times I have finished a unit and then, when put next to the one before I realised that the flock was a different shade (being a total pillock I would base them based upon memory rather than heading out to the shed to check).

I also managed to get some more done on the HQ.

These are in the tunic rather than the soldiers coat. So mainly blue with white gaiters and a black hat. I am not looking forward to painting the colours. The problem is they are folded! I already have two colours, regimental and kings colour so these are pretty much going to be spare.

If I look at it another way…it shall be a mini challenge!

After this lot…the woodland tribes pack… lucky me…lots of War paint!

Oh and I succumbed…

I ended up getting three….I will never, ever have to buy gold paint again….

My little boy loves painting every so often so a nice cheap way to let him.

I must get some more heads and arms to make them a bit different.

French Artillery… Further Work

Today was a bit busy,

I was trying to get the entrance to the shed wind and water tight. Managed it even though the double glazed window became single glazed… don’t ask.

Anyway a bit if relaxed painting calmed me down a bit 😖

I have decided to put a glaze over the red to try and blend in the colours a bit. To be honest though the look much better at about a metre.

Still a long way to go, but still keeping the momentum up. Tomorrow I hope to get the crew finished. Not to mention some more done on the howitzers and a start made on the infantry ensigns and sergeants… which I keep forgetting about… not to mention my long haired militia man (a simple conversion from hat to hair). He was my original Hawkeye.

The shed… with the new an improved window…🤬🤬🤬

French Artillery…First Steps

Managed some painting again….

These are not in their coats, so they are basically red uniform, black hat and white gaiters. I have seen some depictions of the gaiters being black, but as everything else in this force is white it might look a little odd.

They are sitting drying as I just shoved a dark red wash over them. Tomorrow I will paint the dragon red and then highlight with the bright red.

Hopefully they won’t take very long to do…. famous last words???

The artillery will get a dark wash, and highlighted with a lighter blue. Metal work on the carriage is black with a bronze barrel. Again…shouldn’t take that long.

I have actually fired a 12lb cannon (minus ball) I helped crew a gun when not messing about as a cavalryman. I faced said gun as a British Light infantrymen a couple of years before. It was much more fun firing the thing than watching it go boom towards you!