As I am on the boat again, I had a mooch at my Kickstarter pledges.

First up, the one I am most excited about!

Ever since playing Silent Hunter on my PC I have loved submarines. As soon as I saw this I wanted it. Hopefully it will live up to my expectations!

Basically the game ties into an app that shows targets, plays sounds and generally makes it a bit more exciting. It even has whisper mode…. don’t make too much noise when the sub chasers are looking for you.

Next up… Miremarsh….everyone plays a goblin!

I wanted something to play with the kids, and this looked quirky enough to fit the bill.

For some reason I backed a pile of gravestones, really don’t know why… must have been a moment of weakness as I have a pile already!

And finally a couple of books by my best mate Wiggy, who is my gaming buddy.

My gravestones should be here soon, the sub game in December and Miremarsh in August 2019. I already have the RPG books.

Only thirteen more hours to go until I get back to Shetland!

Wish me luck…

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