Well as I said in an earlier post…

A change is as good as a rest.

Having been a bit poorly, I was itching to get back to painting, and to be honest exciting new projects. These tend to cost money, so I decided to rekindle some of my unfinished old projects.

It was a bit embarrassing to realise how many unfinished exciting projects I actually had. But I decided next up would be my 15mm French and Indian Wars (seven years war)

There are a lot totally unbiased and unpainted still in bags.

I really only have French forces a mix of Various manufacturers.

This lot is for smaller, skirmish type games. And for that reason at the back we have Nathaniel ‘Natty’ Bumppo (no wonder he wanted to be known as Hawkeye), Chingachgook and Uncas. The bag next to them is full of civilians, so finding an Alice and Cora Munro shouldn’t be too much of a problem. I have a fair few woodland Indians so Magua shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

I remember reading Last of the Mohicans when I was about ten. I loved it. I have watched the various films over the years but I suppose the one I love the best is the Daniel Day Lewis one. Not sure why as it isn’t close to the book at all. Unless I missed the bit where Natty dresses up as a bear…

I think it is because it Is accurately (ish) costumed. First Nations actors play their own parts as opposed to white guys in makeup. I think I went to see it at the cinema a few times too, not to mention buying it on DVD. As well of all of the above part of it has to be because of this…


I love the Gael, I think it really works in the film, as does the soundtrack throughout.

There are few places in the world I really want to visit based on my hobbies and interests but the Great Lakes, and the Ohio and St Lawrence are definitely up there. When I was a child I always believed the book to be taking place in the Far North of Canada. Funnily enough I now live in the far North of the uk (there is only about another 35 miles before we run out of Uk) and further North on the Globe than the Great Lakes. But I digress…..

Next up French and Indian Wars…unless of course I change my mind again. However, I hope not, I just spent some of my Birthday money ordering some more from Blue Moon Miniatures.

Right I am off to listen to it again…


2 thoughts on “Next up….

  1. Loved the book and like you enjoyed the Day Lewis film version. From the sound of it you have enough projects but in case you didn’t know you can buy some 28mm figures based on the Day Lewis film. They come in a set of six from which I made a couple of models, using a degree of poetic licence I might add. Links below if you’re interested.



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