After two days off procrastination I managed to start.

Not exactly the greatest progress in the world but it is a start. Cuffs, breeches and turn backs all done blue (no doubt at least one of them will only have one cuff done).

I am not sure why it took me so long to get going again.

I also managed to finish this lot.

This is prior to them being shaded. So all in I managed about an hour and a bit tonight.

I saw another blog today talking about motivations etc so here is mine for this project

Motivation to do this period. Really High. I was going to go into 10mm using the Pendraken range but a mate at the club gave me his painted Blue moon French marines and woodland Indians (a few of the marines can be seen in the photo above). So 15mm it became.

Knowledge of the period – Minuscule. Does reading/watching Last of the Mohicans count? To be fair I have read a bit since getting started on this project, but not to the level of some gamers.

Uniformology – (not sure if this is actually a word) my knowledge on uniforms is two fold. Osprey and re-enactment groups. Oh and the Junior general website. That’s about it.

I chose my French regiment based on their flag. I liked the red and black of La Sarre. They even were in New France👍. See I did a bit of research.

Junior General is helpful in that it gives pictures of figures as they are paper soldiers.

I also don’t worry too much about the exact colour of the uniform. I use what paint I have (providing it is close enough).Some purists have probably bitten through their brush at this point. I have spent long enough in this hobby to stop worrying about such matters. I have had enough “that blue only came out in April 1815” or “the ammunition pouch should be grey, not black” over the years. This is not to say it isn’t important to some people, it clearly is…to them. But it’s a hobby. Life’s too short to fall out over a shade of blue.

I suppose what I am saying is each to their own.

Playability – to be honest I have one side (some rangers have been added to help this). The other person in the club who started this project too works off shore. Therefore few and far between. Not to mention I have so many different projects on the go, games might be even further apart.

Rules – To be honest, I haven’t a clue. We are going for a Skirmish/small unit style of game. We toyed with the idea of Sharp Practice, Chosen Men and another couple. The men who would be Kings would work with a bit of tweaking.

Tomorrow I will endeavour to paint some more.

2 thoughts on “And He’s Off….

    1. You just have to go on various forums to see the fallout from the simple question “what colour paint….” I often wonder if we all see the same shade of a colour anyway. My wife and I often disagree about what colour certain objects are…I will say blue and she grey as an example.


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