Huzzah they are finished.

To be fair they could do with a couple of coats more of varnish to protect the extremities.

Here they all are as a group.

Two 57mm AT guns and two 60mm mortars.

Anti Tank guns one and two. I swapped crew figures around on them all to aid easy recognition. However I then stuck a wall on one, which is a smidge more obvious.

Mortar one and two again with different crews.

why is it when you take a ruddy photo…. I evidently missed a mould line or two…grrr!!! Not to mention that sign is huge!

Now if I were to do these again I would have embedded the minis into the basing material and painted them in situ or just flipped basing gunk it up onto the minis base to hold them in place. (Not quite sure why I didn’t as it is a way I would normally do it). I blame being below par with the ickyness bug.

I am going to try and get a lot of my stuff painted this vacation. Wish me luck!

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