Well there wasn’t exactly a lot to do on these, but I actually started on the blades, then remembered that I needed to do the bowmen!

All finished, with the two free samples added in too.

As mentioned, I also worked on the blades and got on a fair old way with them too…

I would have got further with them, but I spent a while glueing buildings together. I will show them in another post in a little while.

I watched the Revenant today and quite enjoyed it. there were a couple of bits that stretched my credulity a bit, especially anything to do with being in the water with snow run off. (Sort of spoiler alert)As an ex white water kayaker, I ended up with hypothermia in my modern cold weather gear after going for a single swim. Sorry but anyone in that situation would not have walked away. I liked the start, I thought it pretty accurate as to what I have read about the early trappers and their run ins with the different tribes.

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