Well I now have to add… sort of.. unfortunately some pillock who shall remain nameless suddenly remembered after taking the photos that the sashimono on the Infantry were without their mon. Part of me thinks sod it, part of me thinks get them painted and a further part makes me think …buy some water slide transfers. Sadly the easy options are sort of out. First if I don’t paint them they may look a bit weird and secondly there is a lot of wisps of filament on the flat bits so any water slide transfers will be a right sod to get painted… but anyway here we go. Mon, bases and Banners withstanding. The army is done…

I am onto my next Samurai miniatures already. My mates Birthday present arrived. I want everything paint3d by next weekend so got straight on with them today.

17 thoughts on “Samurai Army Complete

  1. These are some great shots. I still think the samurai are going to look even more awesome based up when you get around to it. You should feel proud having gotten an army like this done in such a quick time. It really is no small feat!

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