I may decide to add some variation to the main grass, I will have to see.

But to be honest, I am happy that I have gone from this…

To this…

This build is a bit like the dark side of the moon in places, no-one has seen the other side, so here you go, the dark side of the hill…

To be frank, it isn’t that exciting… but it is a nicely defendable spot, unless the enemy can fly.

So what do I think about it? Well it is pretty much looking like I had pictured it in my head, except in my head the top was bigger with a few more graves on it. I had to compromise as I was tied by the EPVC for the base.

The rabbit hole and skull was a happy accident. There were a few large holes in the foam. Some of them I filled, but this I left because of it’s location. Rabbits are a bugger for digging up Archaeology so the idea was born. I painted the inside black and then threw some PVA down and covered it in basing grit. I fully intended to paint it, but once it was dry I found I liked the colour so left it as is.

So where next? 🤔

I reckon a bit of tidying up on some of the Earth colour wouldn’t go amiss and as said earlier a bit of contrast in the main areas of grass would break things up a bit too. I also need to get this sprayed with watered down PVA.

I feel the urge to do some more scatter pieces involving gravestones. As mentioned in an earlier post I intend to put them on irregular shaped bases as opposed to CD types. I would like to do some Yew trees as they are very graveyardy trees… probably not for the January challenge, but sometime in the future.

I ordered a mausoleum for the 3D printer but until I get the laptop fixed (it is off being sorted) I can’t convert it into the necessary gcode required. Hopefully it will get sorted ASAP as I want to play with my printer again 😞

I quite fancy painting up my 15mm Lizardmen I won at the HOTT competition. But terrain first methinks then onto painting minis next.

4 thoughts on “Graveyard…Just About Finished

  1. Looks great mate and a far cry from what you started with. One of the things I like about base work is taking what essentially is a pile of crap and turning it it to something entirely different. With or without a few tweaks it looks great already. Oh, and by the way, nice backside! 😉

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