Well a graveyard without graves is basically a yard, and a graveyard hill is a simple hill.

These are stuck down with ‘No more nails’. Normally I would just put these down with PVA, but they are in a prime spot to get knocked clean off. There are a couple more gravestones to add in the two indentations in the foreground.

I can’t get anything more done until this glue dries. Once it is done I will get the stones and grit on then get the ground base colour painted.

The big hole is deliberate, this will be shrunk a bit and some grit added at the base of the opening. The hole and slope will be filled with bones and a skull as if a rabbit or something has burrowed into where the coffin was.

I didn’t get the chance to do much else due to a small boy contracting Scarlet fever, not to mention the normal day to day Shenanigans of daily family life.

The other exciting news is that U-Boot is starting to be shipped out this month…. very excited!!! French and English are finished, other languages are in production too.

I only hope my table is big enough 😱😱😱

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