January’s challenge was terrain, so I decided to give some a go. I was rather pleased with the result, however I could have done more if I hadn’t become rather lethargic and lacked motivation.

But anyway I managed to get from the raw squirty foam to a few pieces of terrain.

As I had a bucket load of resin gravestones I decided on a graveyard theme. Rather than a flat graveyard I wanted something a little more dramatic.

I was pleased with how the ‘grave hill’ came out.

I then did some smaller hillocks using the off cuts from the foam. These were originally going to be covered in graves too, however I decided that the pieces would be more flexible if I avoided the gravestones.

I also made a start on another hill, but ran out time…

One of my other plans was to get this completed in January…

I did manage to print it in time, but it was meant to be based and painted too…

I will endeavour to get the last two finished sometime soon.

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