Well I made a start on the next lot if Conquistadors

these have taken forever due to all of the straps and other tack on the saddles. To be honest though the cavalry are mostly in plate so I should get them done pretty quickly.

I reckon I should get them finished by the end of the weekend. The lizards, although sprayed white, still need a bit of a clean up. The white spray showed it up a lot better than on the Black PLA.

On a totally different note. I just realised that I passed 3000 visitors yesterday… which is a bit mind blowing to me. When I first set this blog up I thought the only people who would come and visit it would be friends and family, ironically they are the ones who I never get visiting. So I just wanted to say a great big thank you to everyone who has popped by for a visit.

9 thoughts on “Conquistadors… Day 9

  1. Really cool on the views!

    I never really look at my stats, as I started this blog just to not go crazy when I got let go from a job. Lately I’ve been in a blogging and crafting slump, so it’s nice to read others work!

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