So now that the Aztecs are finished, I decided to push on with the mesoamerican Shenanigans, but this time focusing on the Conquistadors.

So here we have 42 miniatures that I based tonight. It comprises:

Five bases of sword and buckler men

Two bases of cut down pikes, my plan is to give the Greenstuff pointy bits. I am now taking bets on how far I have painted them before I remember 😉.

Two bases of arquebusiers

Three bases of crossbowmen

One base of random missile troops.

And a command base on my last 30x40mm mdf base.

Still to base up….

One base of heavy cavalry (or two if I only put two to a base)

One (or two) bases of Jinete cavalry

A war dog handler and dogs (two bases)

Two or three bases of Pack mules

I will get the based ones sprayed tomorrow and make a start on them on Saturday.

Whilst perusing the school library I came across some new research material…

My favourite picture, especially after doing all of the back banners…

I am quite enjoying this podcast on the rise of the Aztecs…

A fair few things I hadn’t heard before…

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