I sprayed everything white tonight, so while the white is curing, I decided to get the bases painted brown.

As the Aztec commoners needed their bases doing, I did them at the same time. Luckily I noticed that there was a big splodge of white on the second Aztec base back, saves having to crack open the paint at a later date if I get it done now.

So tonight I sprayed the Lizardmen, the rest of the Conquistadors as well as the pack mules, some of the old lizard swarm from GW and the Tin Soldier Samurai – which I am really looking forward to painting.

The Lizard swarm minis are going to become ‘beasts’ for HOTT. They can be used for any of the mesoamerican armies.

I hope none of you were thinking of popping up to Shetland on the boat tomorrow night… sadly due to 70mph winds being forecast the boats over the weekend are cancelled. Cue panic buying in the supermarkets… there will be no bread available in Tesco, not to mention milk.

On a totally different note, as the nights are darker again, then we are getting the aurora appearing again… there have been some lovely photos taken over the last couple of weeks.

This one was taken up on Yell (not by me) but by a chap named Ryan Nisbett

So tomorrow night I am going to crack on with the conquistadors and see how far I get with them.

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