Another evening with a smidge done…

That is all of the metalwork done by all please read …all until I notice what I missed tomorrow. It’s like this evening I suddenly found one miniature that I had forgotten to paint his doublet!

These are getting there slowly but surely…. and I rest my case… I have noticed on the command base the guy holding the flag hasn’t had his armour painted at all – you can see him there… red flag pole white helmet and armour!

On the whole I am pleased with these as they are coming together nicely

They look better en masse now that (most) of the metal is finished.

I will try and get them finished over the next couple of days. It is my good lady’s birthday tomorrow so I might not get too much done.

5 thoughts on “Conquistadors…Day 6

  1. Getting the metal painted has really made them look just about done now! Looking good! If you don’t find a flag design I can maybe dig out my Renaissance Armies book from storage and have a look in there, but I’m pretty sure you’ll already have a flag in mind! 🙂


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