Somua ah ah

Print the tank and drink your tea…..

Somua ah ah print the tank and make coffee…

sorry was listening to Black Lace there….

Anyway tis’ done.

Here he is the little rascal, all printed and ready to go.

I moved positions on the build plate and he worked fine. I did manage to rip the back of the turret off when I was removing the support struts…which was quite a pain in the backside. You can just about see the line. I now have two Char B and the Somua.

I would like some of the little Renault FT tanks if I can find some.

I would have printed up another Somua or a Panzer MKII or even a British MKVI Light tank (or was it a MKIV) but decided to print up a small desert house. It is 2 hours into a 3 hour print. I have also got a two story one but that will take over 5 hours to print.

I managed to get some more paint onto the dwarves…

Still a long way to go but getting there.

I actually haven’t opened the submarine game box all evening. How about that for self control😖

So Excited!!!

It has arrived!

As it was only my second Kickstarter I was worried that something horrible was going to happen, but nope, a couple of months delay and it is here.

The sub is 90cm long and comes with 16 crew miniatures.

Colours relate to player roles:

White – captain

Blue – first officer

Green – navigator

Brown – chief engineer.

I also got a plethora of Kickstarter goodies… resin parts for the sub as well as equipment and condition tokens. These include leaks, fires etc.

There are some nice plotting sheets, I.D. Sheet and an enigma code sheet.

Each player gets a baseboard and crew roster board, this is double sided to show first and second watch.

Lots of counters 😂

But the ship ones are replaced by the resin ones I got….

These little ships are plotted on the squared part of the Navigator board above. His target track device can be seen in the three disks above (this needs assembling).

The sub itself needs to be punched out then assembled. It will fit inside the box as it comes in three segments.

If I felt the urge I could add in my own insignia

I reckon it might take a while to decide on which one.

Finally the game works with a downloadable app that works in real time…

Based on the rules this is not a ‘learn it in a night’ kind of game, and it isn’t meant to be. The rules aren’t actually that complicated, but as an example, the Navigator has to understand, enemy course and bearing bearing as well as his own course. He/she must be able to plot a suitable firing solution…

Each assigned tole has a cheat sheet and it also comes with a tactical guide of 18 pages covering

The Rules themselves are only 50 pages, so not a hefty tome by any stretch of the imagination. There are also videos of gameplay and rules support online.

The production value on this game is excellent. I am not sure how the Kickstarter version differs from the retail one. But they certainly cracked their target. They were after £65,000 and ended up with £686,000. So a very successful campaign.

Am I excited, yes I am. I even forgive the delivery guys for not shutting the back door properly. Luckily it didn’t rain and the sheep didn’t get in and the the dog didn’t escape.

It does however mean that I have even less chance of finishing off my elves 😱

I have a crew planned for an inaugural mission coming soon.

Printing Tanks II

So tonight I decided to get the Somua S35 completed.

A nice French Medium tank…

Nice flowing lines etc….

Sadly I returned to this!

To be fair there are some nice flowing lines in there too…it must have popped off the bed the second I left the room. Interestingly enough. I tried again, instant failure. I decided to give another Matilda a go…

Worked fine, I went for another Char B… last time I looked at it an hour in, all systems were go.

The one that failed was front left, the ones that succeeded rear left. It could be that the front left has lost the level or that it is a bit greasy. Either way I will give it a wash and a re level tomorrow.

As can be seen from the photo above the Char B came out spot on! Below is how it came off the plate.

As with some of the other tanks the 37mm gun was a little fragile and snapped off.

So tomorrow we try the Somua again (possibly in a different place 🤔).

Graveyard A Teeny Bit of Progress

As it says… a teeny bit of progress.

I managed to get a lighter grey onto the cliff faces…. bizarrely after putting on the light grey layer I noticed some white spots where the dark grey hadn’t covered. One would imagine that the dark grey layer would have made it more noticeable.

I didn’t get much chance to get much more done as I was messing about, trying to get the printer to print something, I managed a wheel and a half. The PLA just wouldn’t adhere to the base.

The other reason is this… I spent ages reading it from cover to cover and then working out how things worked. I got the little tokens that go with the game, six each so enough for more than one tank aside.

Mark A. Morin I am laying the blame squarely at your door 😉 I wasn’t interested in tank battles until your blog got me interested.

The question I am working on is what year and what theatre, followed by what Scale. I can run 15mm Normandy onwards as I still have some Flames of War armour knocking about. From what I remember I have three M4’S a couple of Stug’s and a Mk1V.

I do quite fancy the desert war, but that will incur extra costs. I could become really awesome at 3D printing as I have found a whole host of 1/100 scale tanks not to mention 1/56 scale too. A cheaper, quicker option is to go 10mm, I have terrain and it will fit my small house better. I might see about getting a couple of smaller tanks to see how they look.

I do have a whole host of 1944 Germans and Americans but in 6mm, but I do think they are a bit on the small side. I will give the 10mm a go and take it from there. I am kicking myself that I never bought all of those really cheap Flames of War tanks I saw on Ebay when the rules became less popular.

I Became Nostalgic

I suddenly found something on EBay I played years ago and just had to have it.

I had this and PanzerBlitz years ago and remember enjoying it. Hopefully I am not viewing my recollections through rose tinted spectacles!

I must have played through the various missions numerous times. (The problem is I can’t remember the reason why I got rid of it).

The map boards (x4) are basic but they do the job. From what I remember each represents 250 metres.

Finally the counters show the unit type..

The numbers show Attack strength, range, defence and movement. The letters show weapon type.

I will have to give it a go and see how I get on.

Para Heavy Weapons…completed

Huzzah they are finished.

To be fair they could do with a couple of coats more of varnish to protect the extremities.

Here they all are as a group.

Two 57mm AT guns and two 60mm mortars.

Anti Tank guns one and two. I swapped crew figures around on them all to aid easy recognition. However I then stuck a wall on one, which is a smidge more obvious.

Mortar one and two again with different crews.

why is it when you take a ruddy photo…. I evidently missed a mould line or two…grrr!!! Not to mention that sign is huge!

Now if I were to do these again I would have embedded the minis into the basing material and painted them in situ or just flipped basing gunk it up onto the minis base to hold them in place. (Not quite sure why I didn’t as it is a way I would normally do it). I blame being below par with the ickyness bug.

I am going to try and get a lot of my stuff painted this vacation. Wish me luck!

US Airborne heavy weapons

Now with added colour

I got a few coats of colour on these.

I was lucky to get a bit of help from a small boy, who wanted a go with the airbrush.

The colour of the uniform is not exactly right, as there wasn’t enough in the bottle I was given. The idea is to use this colour as a base coat and build up from there.

I will get on with the Space Mice and Werewolves tomorrow too…I hope.

Yanks without Tanks…

After the Tank success….

I have been asked to do some more minis. This time American Airborne heavy weapons.

To be honest I found these an absolute pain in the backside to put together. I reckon my spit would have bonded the pieces together better than my Super glue. It has now got me thinking, can super glue lose its superglueness. Well to be fair it does stick the objects to me and the table just not to each other.

Anyway there are two 81mm mortars and two 57mm AT guns.

I will hopefully get everything sprayed tomorrow evening.

On the upside evening at this time of year tends to last quite a long time. 23.15 and still daylight…it would be brighter but the cloud and general overcastness is making it a bit dim.