It has arrived!

As it was only my second Kickstarter I was worried that something horrible was going to happen, but nope, a couple of months delay and it is here.

The sub is 90cm long and comes with 16 crew miniatures.

Colours relate to player roles:

White – captain

Blue – first officer

Green – navigator

Brown – chief engineer.

I also got a plethora of Kickstarter goodies… resin parts for the sub as well as equipment and condition tokens. These include leaks, fires etc.

There are some nice plotting sheets, I.D. Sheet and an enigma code sheet.

Each player gets a baseboard and crew roster board, this is double sided to show first and second watch.

Lots of counters 😂

But the ship ones are replaced by the resin ones I got….

These little ships are plotted on the squared part of the Navigator board above. His target track device can be seen in the three disks above (this needs assembling).

The sub itself needs to be punched out then assembled. It will fit inside the box as it comes in three segments.

If I felt the urge I could add in my own insignia

I reckon it might take a while to decide on which one.

Finally the game works with a downloadable app that works in real time…

Based on the rules this is not a ‘learn it in a night’ kind of game, and it isn’t meant to be. The rules aren’t actually that complicated, but as an example, the Navigator has to understand, enemy course and bearing bearing as well as his own course. He/she must be able to plot a suitable firing solution…

Each assigned tole has a cheat sheet and it also comes with a tactical guide of 18 pages covering

The Rules themselves are only 50 pages, so not a hefty tome by any stretch of the imagination. There are also videos of gameplay and rules support online.

The production value on this game is excellent. I am not sure how the Kickstarter version differs from the retail one. But they certainly cracked their target. They were after £65,000 and ended up with £686,000. So a very successful campaign.

Am I excited, yes I am. I even forgive the delivery guys for not shutting the back door properly. Luckily it didn’t rain and the sheep didn’t get in and the the dog didn’t escape.

It does however mean that I have even less chance of finishing off my elves 😱

I have a crew planned for an inaugural mission coming soon.

5 thoughts on “So Excited!!!

  1. And here was me thinking the title related to the fact that you’d got a Somua printed! Game does look good – someone tipped me off about it a week or two ago and I had a look and was definitely impressed! I’m glad you’re pleased with it!

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