As it says… a teeny bit of progress.

I managed to get a lighter grey onto the cliff faces…. bizarrely after putting on the light grey layer I noticed some white spots where the dark grey hadn’t covered. One would imagine that the dark grey layer would have made it more noticeable.

I didn’t get much chance to get much more done as I was messing about, trying to get the printer to print something, I managed a wheel and a half. The PLA just wouldn’t adhere to the base.

The other reason is this… I spent ages reading it from cover to cover and then working out how things worked. I got the little tokens that go with the game, six each so enough for more than one tank aside.

Mark A. Morin I am laying the blame squarely at your door 😉 I wasn’t interested in tank battles until your blog got me interested.

The question I am working on is what year and what theatre, followed by what Scale. I can run 15mm Normandy onwards as I still have some Flames of War armour knocking about. From what I remember I have three M4’S a couple of Stug’s and a Mk1V.

I do quite fancy the desert war, but that will incur extra costs. I could become really awesome at 3D printing as I have found a whole host of 1/100 scale tanks not to mention 1/56 scale too. A cheaper, quicker option is to go 10mm, I have terrain and it will fit my small house better. I might see about getting a couple of smaller tanks to see how they look.

I do have a whole host of 1944 Germans and Americans but in 6mm, but I do think they are a bit on the small side. I will give the 10mm a go and take it from there. I am kicking myself that I never bought all of those really cheap Flames of War tanks I saw on Ebay when the rules became less popular.

8 thoughts on “Graveyard A Teeny Bit of Progress

    1. Probably didn’t help that the shed was very chilly either. If Cura was working I would give it a brim or a raft, but sadly it isn’t. I tried to manually increase the temperature, but it seems to reset to 60.


      1. Those are good points, and mine is a MonoPrice mini, so everything is a little different.
        Cura should allow you to set a custom slice, where you can modify the temps. Then you can manually adjust once the first few layers are down. Chalk up all the mistakes to experience down the road!

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  1. That Mark has got a lot to answer for! I’ve seen his tanks and I really like them and I’m sure he’s behind Jedi mind tricks that have made me buy a couple of French SOMUA S-35s in 20mm! 15mm sounds like a good compromise for size and detail, but I’ve been married to 20mm all my life!


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