After the Tank success….

I have been asked to do some more minis. This time American Airborne heavy weapons.

To be honest I found these an absolute pain in the backside to put together. I reckon my spit would have bonded the pieces together better than my Super glue. It has now got me thinking, can super glue lose its superglueness. Well to be fair it does stick the objects to me and the table just not to each other.

Anyway there are two 81mm mortars and two 57mm AT guns.

I will hopefully get everything sprayed tomorrow evening.

On the upside evening at this time of year tends to last quite a long time. 23.15 and still daylight…it would be brighter but the cloud and general overcastness is making it a bit dim.

3 thoughts on “Yanks without Tanks…

  1. You’re not alone, me and glue do not see eye to eye, something I’ve mentioned in posts on numerous occasions. My hands always feel bigger when I’m gluing compared to when I’m painting, very odd. As a consequence I avoid kits as much as can, plastic especially! Good looking figures though. I’ve painted a good few Bolt Action figures and rate them highly.


    1. Yeah, giant hand syndrome…must be a wargaming thing… I know exactly what you mean. I do like my 10mm minis. I paint them on the unit bases to speed up painting. No problems at all. Try to glue a wheel onto an anti tank gun and a giant finger or thumb is in the way đź‘Ť

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