This evening I managed to put the Huey Hog together. This is the first of them completely finished.

Now you may have noticed that there are a pair of skids sitting there and not actually attached to the two birds on the right… well that is due to a Rookie Error.

The resin and filament machines have different tolerances. The hole for the skids to fit in is too small. They are a snug fit on the resin version. So options I have are to redo the skids on the FDM machine and/or make some more Hueys on the resin machine. Would you like to guess which way I will go?

So I was having a bit of a mooch and of the 16000 Huey’s in the Nam only 1000 were the Hog. By all accounts early on people shoved on whatever they could. Early editions only had the rocket pods that held seven folding fin rockets because the 19 versions were too heavy. The birds I have are early edition ones as the rear door has only one window in it. Later editions have two. Interestingly enough the version I have has seven rockets visible.

My plan is to have four or five flyers, but in reality for my skirmish games one or two would suffice!

Talking of doing more, this time I will hollow out the rear fuselage separately before getting it anywhere near the resin slicing software.

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