Today everything hurt again so sadly no painting this evening. I did manage to slice some stuff to print. I decided to try the Huey on the resin printer… it fit, just! Sadly because I am a pillock I forgot to go to heavy supports so after my 3 hours of printing I had a Huey that was about 3mm high.

I redid it and hollowed it out too. It seems to have worked ok. The back end seems heavy so I am going to drill out the engine exhaust so I can do a drain hole. And to also allow my tiny UV light in there. We really don’t want it cracking open as the resin tries to escape.

I also did the crew and weapons for the PBR…

The guy in the Huey doorway is from the boat, but he works in there too.

We have had a blackbird singing outside of our house for the last few weeks… here he is…

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