Highland Miniatures Patreon dropped today and I spent no time printing out two of the three swamp trolls. I also printed off a frog rider. Another test of frog cavalry (with sticks) is printing as I type this.

I decided against the third swamp troll as it is throwing up the corrosive stomach contents. These will be for Dragon Rampant I don’t need set unit sizes. I really do like the ‘Creature from the Black Lagoon’ vibe with these. I really love the frog riders, you cannot see it, but this dude has a pan strapped to his head.

I didn’t have any suitably sized circular bases for the trolls, but did find some penny sabot bases which were a nice size. I used some filler to hide both the coins and gap. I deliberately left a depression to allow me to add some resin for water and because I am a pillock I left it under the right foot in both of them!

A bit miffed tonight as the car was making an odd sound so I popped down to the garage to get it booked in when I am away next week. He wanted a quick test run and banned me from driving it as the bearings on the offside front were shot. The extra good news is that the brakes need sorting and it seemed like the clutch is dodgy too. Hopefully some of this will come under the warranty!

5 thoughts on “Swamp Trolls

  1. Like the trolls. You can never ave to many uv em. Which reminds me of a joke I was sent the uvva dae:

    Three large trolls were sitting around the campfire discussing their health.
    “My doctor tolt me I need to get meself some exercise. Good fer me heart. So I tossed ‘im up high in there air. Daggum good exercise.”

    The next troll laughed, “If ye gots any heart at all, its as hard and cold as granite. My doctor tolt me I was lack toes intolrant. Ain’t sure what ‘e meant since I got six o’ me own toes, but I ate his toes as well just to be sure.”

    The third troll looked at them grimly. “Among the brightest minds of all the earth, I am. You lunker heads need to better tend yer health. You’ll be finding yourselves early graves, you will.”

    At that moment a short little barefoot man with long hairy toes runs near the campfire, takes some goat meat and attempts to run away. The third troll spots and him snatches him up in an instant. He sticks the little man’s hair in the campfire then brings him to his own mouth puffing away. The other two trolls look at him in disbelief.

    He shrugs his shoulders, “I know, I know. It’s a bad hobbit.”

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