Today was Friday after school Geek Club. I decided to take some of my goblins into school and paint them during Geek Club. I didn’t get as far as I wanted as my boss phoned up, but a start is a start I suppose.

I decided to do the general on his swamp creature as well make a start on a couple of the unit leaders.

The general miniature is really lovely and I spent ages trying to decide on the colours. Bright and poisonous or lurking colours.

I split the difference and did a bit of both, it was only when I was painting the head that I realised that it looked a bit like a shark’s snout. Hence the blue green colouration. Stripes are going to be yellow I think. The belly will be a light colour as befits a creature that lives in liquid.

Now the background for these is that the goblins are in red cloaks. I am not sure about this. I am thinking dark green instead. I suppose, my world, my rules.

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