Tonight I worked on the Last four of the witch hunters…

I really am struggling to like the one with the crossbow. I think it is her yellowy trousers wirh the jet black boots.

Now I still have to build the armour back up as it has just had a wash. This lot should be finished tomorrow evening I hope.

I switched out the Highland Witch hunter dog for this one, which comes from my LOTR stash.i felt this one looked more like a war dog than the other one seen below.

Once they are done, I will need to get this lot sorted out…

The one problem I have with the Highland miniatures dwarves for this project is the lack of young dwarves. I am making do with a couple of the artillery crew. The other mass of body parts is for my Reikland warband.

Nine miniatures for the humans, six for the dwarves.

I still have the Sisters to paint too…

Schools were off today due to the snow and will be tomorrow too. Its bloody freezing! Again!

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