Or in the words of the famous Corporal Nobby Nobbs… ‘Sodding Nutters’.

As I had been painting the various miniatures I kept adding any spade paint on the pallet to the various miniatures in the box. These were actually quite a long way to being finished, hence two for one.

Now with these I decided to arm them with bows as well as their bludgeoning weapons as I felt that the Witch Hunters needed some form of ranged weapons.

I also got a new toy to play with…

Yes I decided to get a flock box to make speedy tufts… I haven’t fired it up yet, but will get round to it eventually – mainly when I find something to cover the table with as I think the stuff will go everywhere.

Further to this I have been playing around with the mapping software quite a bit…

This was a speedy 30 minute map. I am playing around with the basic controls… there is so much more I can do. What I need to do is find out how to make the roads wider so they can be seen easier.

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