Tonight I decided to print another set of anthropomorphic beasties.

The Hedgehog riding the corgi is from Goonmaster Miniatures and the pair of armoured mice are from Naga Miniatures..,

The corgi looks weird as the saddle fits into the gap on the back.

As of next Tuesday my older half dozen kids in the school are going to paint up a mini each and then make a mini diorama on an old CD. I will run this over a number of weeks as a little Lunchtime club… I must be bonkers!

5 thoughts on “More Animals Anyone?

  1. Alright, too subjects, two comments.
    1. I think the animal minis are great, they bring back memories of growing up with a buddy who is a great artist, but couldn’t draw human faces, so every character he drew had an animal head!
    2. Those little lunchtime projects with the kiddos are awesome! Some of my best memories from high school are of various teachers that did special projects with us – you are creating those great memories for the next generation!

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