Well as promised I gave the five paints a go on the goats this evening and to be honest I am impressed straight off.

Apologies for the green goats 😉

So as you can see, from the above they look really good and do what they are meant to. Interestingly the papyrus dip looks more skeletal than the skeleton brown.

Now I had one minor issue, and by minor I mean minor…

No hole…

5 seconds later I had a hole.

Soo what are my first opinions…love these. The colours look good. Now as i said I got these at a reduced price. Tomorrow comes the big test to see whether I jump on a whole lot more.

That test is reactivation…I deliberately painted the whole miniature to see if it would cause issues with colour bleeds when I repaintthe bits that need a different colour… the two little goats will be a different colour tomorrow evening.

James got invited to try something different this evening…

He was dead chuffed getting second place after a joint shoot off for first.

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