New Paint Update

Well if you remember I managed to order a couple of blues in error yesterday. I sent a nice email enquiring if they would be able to swap it out for any random colour. I mean the error was mine and they could have easily said no… tonight I got a nice email back…

Just updated your order. I have swapped it for 1 PAPYRUS DIP color

I think you will use it.



So a big thank you to Greenstuff World… a very happy chappy here in Shetland.

Unfortunately I wont be buying much paint for a bit of a while. Sadly my 11 year old VW Polo has decided that it is time for it to retire. 126,000 miles has taken its toll and tonight I had to go and look for something with a bit less on the clock. Gone are the days of a £500 car. The one we are looking at is £8100 and at 100k less on the clock is a bit better. It is however 7 years old this year.

New Paints on the Way

So after a bit of a hiccup not being able to log in I managed to get my order in. I was trying to work out what twelve paints I had ordered… I couldn’t get my maths to work out either… turns out I ordered two of the blue. I will see if they can swap it out.

New Paint II

Well as promised I gave the five paints a go on the goats this evening and to be honest I am impressed straight off.

Apologies for the green goats 😉

So as you can see, from the above they look really good and do what they are meant to. Interestingly the papyrus dip looks more skeletal than the skeleton brown.

Now I had one minor issue, and by minor I mean minor…

No hole…

5 seconds later I had a hole.

Soo what are my first opinions…love these. The colours look good. Now as i said I got these at a reduced price. Tomorrow comes the big test to see whether I jump on a whole lot more.

That test is reactivation…I deliberately painted the whole miniature to see if it would cause issues with colour bleeds when I repaintthe bits that need a different colour… the two little goats will be a different colour tomorrow evening.

James got invited to try something different this evening…

He was dead chuffed getting second place after a joint shoot off for first.