Now as some of you know by now, I only really use GW Contrast Paint. I did do a test run of the Army Painter version and had loads of problems with them reactivating so those were relegated to the occasional use pile.

I saw an advert for some new paint from Green Stuff World… their version are called Dipping inks… so me, being me I decidedto give them a go. Normal price is just over £5, I got them for £3.91 a pot… they arrived today and as you can see from the photo, cost wise they are good value…

Here they are dwarfing both the AP and GW pots. They have mixing balls already inside too.

Now if you remember AP paints were cheaper than Gw ones, but they did reactivate. So I won’t be jumping up and down until I have done a full test of them… so I was going to print some random miniatures, but decided to actually print something useful and went for goats…

I will get these sprayed tomorrow morning and then do a test paint and hopefully we won’t have any reactivation. I will do another set of tests, there are five goats and five paints. I went for five muted colours, they have a load and if these work I will see about buying some more brighter colours..

Fingers crossed these work as they are dirt cheap compared to the other two versions.

7 thoughts on “New Paints

  1. I saw these being talked about on Dakka a few weeks ago, and now Stahly from Tale of Painters (the guy who “broke the story” on AP reactivation) has reviewed them.

    Short version – good news! I’ve ordered them myself now…

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