So this evening I wasn’t in the mood for a massive basing session so I did a set of 24 Zombies.

I think I have double this number to go, then onto the rust, verdigris and moss on the miniatures that need them. Then tufts and a Matt varnish.

This afternoon we went to Reawick beach with the kids and dogs. You can see the post Here.

This morning however the air turned blue above the printer shed. I decided to fire up the filament printer to start doing some buildings for the various scales and as you might have guessed it decided to playbsilly buggers…the blasted thing wouldn’t push the filament through. It isn’t a blockage, it looks like there is an issue with the extruder itself. I have an aluminium top on it, but for some reason the guide wheel is not engaging with the filament meaning that although the grooved bit is doing its job, it isn’t pushing against anything so it is basically just spinning and gouging out the filament.

I spent ages redoing test, after test but it just wouldn’t play at all, so in desperation I have ordered a direct drive extruder along with a bed levelling probe.

8 thoughts on “Keep on Basing, Keep on Basing

  1. Nice work on the bases! 🙂 I have a question to ask on my wife’s behalf – how do you do verdigris? She’s thinking about when she paints some more fairy doors in the future and wants to give the brass hinges and handle a weathered look (or, more than likely, she wants me to do that bit)!


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