Tonight I worked on my spectral steeds. They were a bit of faff with all the colour transitions from the bone to grey to green, but I think it kind of worked…

I should hopefully get a good crack on with the riders tomorrow as well as finish these off… on second thoughts I think I will finish these and then get on with the zombies… speaking of which… I just remembered today that I have a pile of multiple zombies on my hard drive from the Frost Kickstarter…I may have to go and have a peek. The Frost ones though are huge, so a lot of shrinking will be required. Not that I am printing anything else until the undead are done …cough, cough!

Anyway whilst painting the above I was watching a live stream by the Basic Brush… I follow him on YouTube. It was nice to sort of chat on the keyboard… well worth a watch in my opinion. I have mentioned him before when I was talking about the issues with the speedpaints…

You may have noticed the grey ghouls I the above photo. These are the scaled ones mentioned yesterday. The 90% size is what I wanted so I am pretty pleased with them. In hindsight I should have added the head in the software rather than trying to get it glued onto some of them between a raised bone and a neck. It is a miracle that they actually all had heads… if I do decide to print some of the Frost ones then they will be built electronically and printed out as a one piece.

Talking of printing things, if you remember, the big beastie is hollow, today I got all the components to make a small device to shove where the sun does not shine…

The light is a UV one to shove inside hollow models to cure the resin inside. Unfortunately the drain holes on the big one were too small to go right inside, but I was able to shine the lights in to help. Usually I would decide on the size of the drain hole, but these were built in and it never occurred to me to check, otherwise I could have added my own.

He is now undercoated with a zenithal highlight to help with the light and dark.

7 thoughts on “Spectral Steeds

  1. The steeds are looking nice. Yea, going from bone (warm color) to a grey or green (cool color) can be pretty difficult. I had no idea resin cured minis can have drain holes! Oh the things I learn about 3d printed minis, haha!

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      1. Oh yea, I knew that people printed hollow minis to save on resin. I just didn’t realize that there would be drain holes to let the resin out and that you would have to stick something in there to cure it. Makes perfect sense once you mentioned it!

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