Today I finished the painted zombies and based another nine ready for undercoating tomorrow. I decided to go for two units of twelve hence the extras.

I only did six of the larger ghouls to go with the Silver bayonet and decided to do some smaller ones. Instead of printing the individual components like last time I went for ‘building’ them in 3D builder. I dropped them down to 90% after sticking one next to a skeleton in the software.

I did twelve, most were built individually, but by about the eighth one I decided to mirror some.

I also hunted out my Mantic skeletons to see if I could add another unit… sadly they are tiny…

I said the printer was switched off until the undead were done… as you can tell by the above post… I turned it back on again and also went for some prehistoric beasties to act as dire wolves… basically some of these both armoured and unarmoured.

I felt they had a bit of an undead vibe going on.

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