Today Joe an I had a morning of painting and then another game of Silver Bayonet.

We basically had to go and rescue some gold from a swamp… slight issue was the scary dog.

So we rolled as per the usual method, but more importantly was the controller of the spectral black dog. Muggins here lost the important roll and was attacked by the dog. It leapt onto my poor doctor who err fell over after getting a nasty bite from a dog who suddenly appeared. The terror roll was at minus 8 on my roll, which was a bugger as I rolled a four on two D10.

Luckily I gained control of the dog for a few turns and managed to get rid of the opposition’s swordswoman. My Supernatural investigator managed to get onto the flank and cause some casualties

My troops had also got their eye in and managed to drop both the officer and doctor. My occultist did everything she could to bless the weapon of the officer, eventually she made, it allowing the officer to wound the dog, sadly though the dog then attacked her…

somehow she survived, especially when a certain person used an awful lot of points to try and bump her off…

In the end the dog attacked the investigator, the occultist managed to bless his weapons, leading to the death of the beast.

In the end, Joe was down to two miniatures remaining, who took the sensible option and legged it.

This left me in charge of the battlefield as well as the gold… and for the first time a win.

It was a great game…

7 thoughts on “Silver Bayonet and a bit of Painting

  1. Great battle report. I am looking forward to getting in a few solo games soon once I have some skeletons and mummies painted for my French in Egypt mini campaign. Looks like we have the same battle map from Big Red Bat’s shop!

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