I spent a good portion of this morning putting together the GW skeleton bowmen.. two things stuck me whilst doing this…

The first being: I absolutely bloody hate putting plastic models together, they were a sod and as I was using poly cement took an age to fully stick.

The second being: why are GW skeleton archers all left handed, whilst the sword and spearman are all right handed…

Anyway I made a unit of twelve archers and got them undercoated…here they are before getting sprayed:

I also got all six wraith cavalry printed too…

Here are the first two!

I am printing a mounted Liche from Ian Lovecraft on one of the mounts above… not sure if it will work, but with greenstuff I should be able to fill any gaps. I still have more to print, but I have made a start on painting the skeletons. Joe and I are going to have a painting day on Tuesday afternoon. Hopefully I will get loads done then.

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