Tonight I wanted to give the rust effect a go on something a bit bigger than an axe. Luckily I dropped my small brush down the back of all my boxes on my painting station. And voilà I found anold style Necromunda plastic wall.

Quick spray white and a cover with a mettalic paint… in hindsight I could have just spayed it a metal colour with a rattle can…

I then threw some superglue and baking soda on it…well when I eventually got the glue out that is!

This was then covered with the metallic colour. When dry I splashed on the rust effect….

The effect is somewhat spoiled by my crap placement of it.

Since taking the photo I have noticed the bottom layer is actually becoming more orange…it looks like rust!

While waiting for things to dry I got my treeman finished…

The bits needing to dry were these chap’s…

As you can see I changed cloak colour… I may repaint the blue one.

Tomorrow I will do the other side of the wall.

7 thoughts on “More Rust and an Angry Tree

  1. That rust effect looks pretty sweet. One day I’ll have to order some from the UK. Great work on that classic treeman, and I have to agree that the black robes look better than the blue on the wraiths!

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      1. Ah yeah, I saw that a little while back. At $40 a bottle + shipping for what works out to be about AU$16 UK RRP with free post from the UK they can go hang, though.

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      2. Thank you – I’ll have a look this weekend. I was thinking of getting them with some other stuff, but I can’t recall if that was to get to a free shipping threshold or just to minimise how much each item cost.


  2. The treeman looks great. The rust paint takes some time to get used to. You need to put it in the joints etc where water is likely to gather. The ghosts/wraiths look awesome figures.


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