Back with the Rust

I had another blast with the rust this evening. I resprayed the piece and this time on the back side I put the superglue and baking powder on first and then spayed it afterwards … it was a heck of a lot quicker than yesterday’s version….

I also got a bit more done on the ghostly skeletons…

More Rust and an Angry Tree

Tonight I wanted to give the rust effect a go on something a bit bigger than an axe. Luckily I dropped my small brush down the back of all my boxes on my painting station. And voilà I found anold style Necromunda plastic wall.

Quick spray white and a cover with a mettalic paint… in hindsight I could have just spayed it a metal colour with a rattle can…

I then threw some superglue and baking soda on it…well when I eventually got the glue out that is!

This was then covered with the metallic colour. When dry I splashed on the rust effect….

The effect is somewhat spoiled by my crap placement of it.

Since taking the photo I have noticed the bottom layer is actually becoming more orange…it looks like rust!

While waiting for things to dry I got my treeman finished…

The bits needing to dry were these chap’s…

As you can see I changed cloak colour… I may repaint the blue one.

Tomorrow I will do the other side of the wall.

Something New to Try…

Well after painting loads of undead Napoleonics and starting on a plan to take over the world with undead skeletons I decided that I needed a way to make rust look good….so i had heard of this range of materials…

So rather than just slop on the rust I decided tonuse some superglue and fine sand to make a texturedsurdace on the axe…in hindsight I should have just used baking powder, but hey ho…

So when it was dry I slapped some metal colour over the top and then threw some of the rust stuff on the axe head…. bloody he’ll in about two minutes it looked like rusty metal… I kid you not

I was actually bit gob smacked, sadly with the size of the mini it is really hard to see with a camera but I did try and get a photo…

You will have to trust me, it looks better in real life.

I then went for the moss effect for the grave stone…..

You can just about see the rust colour on the head of the axe in this shot.

Again I was happy with the result.

Now to be honest this was me spending 30 seconds flinging a new product on a model, but it seems to do what it is meant to do. I will find something a bit bigger to paint another day.

This stuff isn’t cheap, at all. Makes Contrast paint look cheap. The best deal I got was the three bottles for £22 with free postage. It is a solvent based paint and dries really, really fast, so no smoking fags near them when they are open. As you can see from the bottles they are a good old size, so should last a while.

As for the verdigris, I want some of the skeletons on bronze armour…so thought this might help.

I am hoping to do some more testing of these sometime soon and will keep you updated to speed on what I find.