I got another officer finished this evening, this one was I a quite simple uniform with bit gauntlets and a cloak that meant there was no braid to be found anywhere…

So that is three down, two left…

We have an officer with his dolman thrown over his shoulder and a vampire officer next to him. I just liked the ‘gentleman about town’ look on this one.

I will try and get the ‘Silver bayonet ‘ beasties sprayed tomorrow and them might start with one of them tomorrow evening. I keep forgetting that I have two more days off as we had today off too…

10 thoughts on “Tonight’s Officer

    1. Hi Eric, the websites says 28mm but these are heroic scale I measured the one without a hat and he is sitting at around 32mm to the eye. They are chunky miniatures, but I do like the Aesthetics of them.

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      1. I was thinking they were in one of those really small scales you work in sometimes. That they are 28-32mm makes the speed and quality of the painting even more impressive!

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      2. Cheers Eric, to be fair not that much skill involved. Everything is Contrast Paint apart from the metallics. I add a bit of white to raised areas of the face prior to getting the flesh tone on. I also highlight the contrast white too.

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