Okay, to be frank, I cannot remember any examples in either literature or artistic renditions of elves being in the lancers, but this one evidently joined and no-one noticed his huge ears!

Tomorrow I will carry on with another officer from one of the Guard regiments.

I have three individual miniatures left to go from Alternative Armies followed by a sedan chair with armed occupant. In amongst these I will sort out the 3D printed miniatures too.

I am also considering getting some plastic pikes I can get 24 for £5.00 so it might be worth giving them a go as my concern about the metal pikes is that they will snap off the hands or arms if dropped. The plastic may have more flex.

I have also started getting a bit interested in the 2mm stuff again. I may be busy over the weekend!

4 thoughts on “Guard Lancer

  1. Nice figures, Steve! 🙂 My thoughts on the pikes are that white metal ones would be more likely to bend than snap the hands off if they’re fixed with super glue, wire ones would probably be OK for the same fixing but hard plastic pikes would probably bend or snap. Easier to glue them back together if the hand comes away. I’d expect the adhesive bond to be better if it’s unpainted to unpainted surfaces as well. I think I’d stick with metal myself.

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  2. Steve I agree with John on the metal and gluing metal to metal. I also add another fixing point by drilling a hole in the base and gluing the lance into that. I find this avoids most of the breakages. Great paint work BTW.

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