Tonight I worked on getting the painting finished on the elves… I think I actually succeeded!

I still need to get the bases covered, but I am happy so far.

So first up are the two irregulars…

The three line, well two line and one light…

And finally the two Grenadiers…

I still have two grenadiers and at least two line troops to paint. Methinks I will do them in different facings to denote different units. I did see a picture of the grenadier types in a blue jacket.

Don’t ask me why I went and bought so many as I haven’t got a clue. Obviously I had a plan when I ordered them, but sadly I have no idea now.

Anyway a bit more local news – remember this chap…

He has been herded out of the Voe and was last seen diving deep off the island of Vementry. Hopefully that is him back where he belongs safe and sound. He was evidently around 14 metres (45 feet) long and weighed around 50 tons. Luckily he managed to escape with a little help from his well wishers.

And finally the flipping white stuff has arrived again!

View from the school library

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