Well yesterday I threw some enamel matt white over four of the slugs I had repainted. The colours I chose were still bleeding through after four layers of white acrylic.

I gave them a blast with the hairdryer then shoved them in the porch to cure for about eighteen hours.

I got the pallid bone colour to go over the four with the oil based paint. Here are the results…

They are pretty much all the same colour apart from the green one.

So what do I think in general.

If you use enamels then you can cover over errors or overpainting on your miniatures. This does take a long time to cure and as such makes a mockery of the term Speedpaints.

They are nice colours, but due to their low viscosity they can bleed into other areas. This can cause problems further down the line. Now I may not have shaken them enough, but I don’t think so.

The reactivation is a total pain. Although, thanks to John, I can recover from a mess up, it just won’t be fast any more… leading to Slowpaints.., yeah I can just not mess up, but with the best will in the world, some paint will end up where it shouldn’t.

Price is a positive. They are cheaper than Contrast paint, plus you cannot spill them everywhere whilst in a dropper bottle.

One thing I have heard, but haven’t tried is don’t use them on a wet palette.

I would like to think that I have given these paints an honest and more importantly, a fair review . It was never my intention to stop anyone buying these, I am no fan boy of any one company. At the minute you can only buy the starter set and not individual bottles. This means you have to drop £34 on a set of paints that might not to be your liking, or at very least aren’t like you expected them to be. It wouldn’t be so bad if one could pick up an individual bottle to try out. I did reach out to AP to ask to buy a couple of bottles, but they weren’t able to help me out. My little blog was in no way big enough to warrant the expenditure of time and effort… I say this with absolutely no malice at all. It is a statement of fact.

Hopefully my little journey with the Speedpaints has been useful , or at least entertaining.

So a while ago I posed the question … Contrast or Speedpaints… we’ll I have come to a decision… I am going to be sticking with my Contrast paint that have done me well for two years at least. I know they Cost more, but they do what I want of them and I can get them locally.

Sorry Army Painter, your Speedpaints, like your metallics are destined to sit on the shelf.

Next up… painting some armoured ogres…

11 thoughts on “Sacrificial Slugs… an Update

  1. Like John Steve I think you have been more than fair and given them a really good try. Your efforts have saved me some money. BTW the slugs have come out great.


  2. I think you have given these paints a fair run. For me they just aren’t usable given how they behave and I will be sticking with Contrast and regular acrylics (and inks if I ever get that airbrush up and running!).

    I had someone try to tell me yesterday that all paints reactivate so Speed Paints aren’t a problem, and I just had to shut that gaslighting down hard. I’m a messy painter and I’ve been painting for over two decades – I would notice if my paints reactivated. They don’t, because if they did I would find them unusable.

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    1. I have painted thousands of 6, 10 and 15 mm miniatures with Contrast and as a messy painter I have had to use a white undercoat again… in all that time I have never had a problem, except when the Contrast wasn’t fully dry.

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  3. I want to echo what others have said and I appreciate your thoroughness in testing this new product. Its a shame that the product isn’t better quality but now many of us know better!

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  4. There’s only so much you can do. Looks to me that their very limited use case isn’t worth the expenditure for me. Good work doing the many breakdown posts!


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