This evening I thought ‘sod it’ and got the paints out. You will not be surprised to hear that these were my Contrast Paints and not Speedpaints.

As you can see, I finished another Ogre Doppelsoldner.  This was done pretty much in the same way as the other two, but for a bit of a change I gave him a blackened helmet. He probably isn’t as colourful as the other two as he is a lot more armoured.

I decided to crack open the AP metallics… every single one looked like this…

They are all stored lid upwards so they didn’t leak out whilst stored. I actually watched the paint flow out like lava from a volcano… totally weird.

I also got  a good start on the Ogre leader… as befits his status I have him a gilded breastplate… once again the mettalics were a pain. I shook for ages then got the vortex mixer out and it still took three coats.

Hopefully I will get the leader finished tomorrow and the remaining two not long after.

9 thoughts on “A Bit of Painting

  1. That’s one thing you have to watch out for with dropper bottles. Every brand does it. It’s the bottles being warmer when you open then than they were when you closed them. The solution is to open then close them before shaking. That way the nozzle is still clear when you let the bit of pressure in them out.

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  2. Nice Ogres, oh dear another bad day for Army Painter 😉.

    Luckily I’ve only ever bought the tins of Quickshade. (that I like but I do wish they did smaller tins, as the stuff always seems to go off before I use it all, probably my fault as I tend to just use it on a couple of mini’s at a time so probably open and closed the tins too often, rather than paint up hundreds of fig’s and then Quickshade the lot in one go!).

    Cheers Roger.

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    1. Info for you, Roger! Army Painter do small dropper bottles (same size as the Vallejo dropper bottles) that might work for you. I’ve got a couple of bottles for the (very rare occasions) I use them. Probbly bought them on eBay but I can’t remember now!

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