Well, not being one to ignore advice, ot is that a challenge, I went and bought myself a little pot of Humbrol matt white enamel. John had suggested it so off I went into town and bought some.

I repainted my slugs… as you can clearly see with the front two I had a bit of a brain fart as the grey became green and the green, yellow…nothing a sharpie couldn’t sort out.

At this point I would like to say that the last time I used enamels was in about 1990! So anyway, after a bloody good shake followed by a bloody good stir and another shake I shoved it over the coloured slugs…

Hmmmm … now to be fair, I used the hairdryer on these to dry them off a bit quicker, as would befit the term Speedpaints. This may have blown the paint off the top, but I don’t think so.

They are now sitting in the porch to be smelly on their own.

Tomorrow I will see if the Speedpaints goes back over the top of them. Once again waiting 24 hours, does not seem very speedpainty to me.

The daft thing about continuous testing is that I can already re-undercoat Contrast paint. I can walk into a shop and buy Contrast Paint on Shetland. Seems to me the only advantage that Speedpaints have is that they are cheaper…

I am not even sure why I am carrying on faffing about with something. Perhaps it is because I just spent £34.00 on a box of them. Tomorrow I think I will give up the ghost, I am spending my time trying to make them work the way I want when clearly they won’t. After Tomorrow I go back to painting stuff that I can use.

They may get used, or may, like most of my AP paints, end up in a box in the shed.

9 thoughts on “Oily Sacrificial Slugs

  1. A bloody shame for sure. I guess when you’re wanting to do an entire larger model in (mostly) one colour – monsters and such I guess that you can cover, then varnish, then come back to later for the details…

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  2. These have been a very interesting series of posts, and I thank you for that, but as you say at some point you have to give up, admit they wont do what you want and go back to being productive. I can see why £34.00 down the drain (or down the shed) would annoy you (it would me).

    Cheers Roger.

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